Celebrating Jordan's achievement

This International Women's Day, we are imagining a world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination. To honour women's achievement, we thought we'd share Jordan's story. Let's celebrate—we are breaking barriers for women like Jordan every single day.

Jordan* was two weeks off moving out of her parents’ house and into her own rental when she found out she was pregnant. The pregnancy news was nothing like she had always imagined it would be. She was not in a committed relationship with the father of the baby—and she was in the middle of studying to become a police officer.

Jordan came to Diamond understandably emotional and overwhelmed. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue the pregnancy.  

She needed guidance and support to tell her family and the father of the baby about the pregnancy. Jordan started attending regular appointments with one of our counsellors who gave her the tools and strategies she needed to share the news.  

Her family were somewhat supportive, but the father of the baby made it clear that he wanted nothing to do with her or the baby ever again, regardless of her decision. She also faced extreme coercion from her closest friend to terminate the pregnancy, resulting in a permanent falling out. She had only begun a new job a few weeks prior, so she didn’t have a network of friends there—and she had no idea how to tell her boss that she was about to ask for maternity leave after such a short period of employment.

Whilst Jordan felt extremely alone, a support worker connected with her weekly and she had regular counselling sessions. It took Jordan a few weeks to decide, but when she did, it was because she felt like she had enough support through Diamond to continue with her pregnancy. Jordan attended private birth classes with our doula leading up to her birth, and she participated in our Mum2Mum program where she was able to meet other mothers-to-be and single mothers like herself.  

Jordan gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and after six months was able to disengage from Diamond's programs as she felt she had the tools and confidence to keep building her life as a single mum. Jordan is now working part-time and has started her own successful business. She has moved into her own rental with her baby after being supported by her parents throughout the pregnancy and the first months of motherhood.  

*Name changed to maintain confidentiality

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