Easter Egg Hunt in the Great… Indoors?

Whether you grew up excited about your traditional Easter egg hunt, or you are introducing your family to the concept for the first time, the excitement of finding those little parcels of deliciousness is always a good time for young and… mature!

Due to the current global/state/city issues abound—we don’t need to spell it out, you get what we are talking about—having an egg hunt planned at home as an Option A or even an Option B, C or Z, can come in handy!

We have come up with a few ways to make this year’s hunt so interesting, even the surliest of teenagers will glance up from their phones for at least 2-3 minutes. It’s an Easter miracle!

Roll Up Those Sleeves

Eggs hiding in jars or under the couch is great and all, but what about digging through rice, coloured balls or shaving cream to get those goods? If you have a kiddie pool, burry/submerge some eggs, give them tools to dig or encourage them to use their hands for a fun sensory delight. Just make sure that if you fill it with anything wet, you put any edible treats in plastic eggs or bags!

Make Some Noise/Do Some Moves

To break up the straight finding of chocolate, grab some empty plastic eggs and put a note inside with instructions. Perhaps animal noises like “quack like a duck” or “moo like a cow”. Or fun actions such as, “hop on your left foot for 10 seconds” or “juggle three eggs” — offer a reward at the end for being a good sport.

Make Your Teens Work Together

Instead of the Easter tradition of a simple hunt, make it a full-blown scavenger pursuit. Compile a list of items that need to be ticked off, puzzles to do and actions to perform. “Ugh, but like, why?” Their entire haul of Easter goodies awaits at the end… but they must work together, or they get NOTHING. It will also make for great Instagram stories.

Glow My Mind

A glow in the dark Easter hunt is just the thing to make suborn, easily distracted or bored young ones and teens keen to play! The glow-in-the-dark hunt can be held at night in the backyard, or indoors with the lights switched off if the kids are too scared to hunt outside in the dark—hey, it’s not Halloween yet!

Purchase glow sticks (or bracelets) and bend them inside plastic eggshells. Put an LED light inside a plastic eggshell. You won’t be able to fit a prize in there too so, keep an eye on how many eggs are to be collected and offer the gift as a bulk prize at the end after every glowing egg has been found!

On behalf of Diamond Women, we wish your family a fun, safe and healthy Easter break!

Written by Melanie Stevens for Diamond Women


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