Easter: new life.

Just like the message of Easter, we believe in new life.

At Diamond, women often come to us at the lowest point in their life. Despair, disconnection and depression are the words they use to describe their circumstances.  

Our goal is to create life transformations: to bring new life and hope to every woman’s situation.

We believe no woman should feel stuck in the dark: light is always a call away.

A recent update from our case worker and doula, Anjo:

“I am so excited to visit a new mummy and her precious little boy today! I'll arrive laden with presents from our Diamond team as I just can't help myself.  

When spending the pregnancy months with our girls as their doula—seeing their courage and determination to overcome—I just stand in awe, time and time again!  

Knowing a little of their background and current circumstances, it's nothing but miraculous what a mum will do to give her baby the love and best possible chance it can have in life.

So yes, I can't help but love on them and spoil them as I am so incredibly proud of each one of them!”

Our case workers are one of the reasons we are able to provide consistent care both in-office and in homes.  

Talking with someone at Diamond Women is safe, and completely confidential. When you book an appointment with us you will be contacted by one of our friendly and professional team members to arrange a time that works with you. All our offices offer a warm and safe space, accompanied by women that are committed to helping you. We will endeavour to answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need for your journey. You can book by filling out this form, or call us on 1300 851 592.

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