Interview with Suma

We welcome our beautiful Counsellor Suma.

Q. Tell us about you?

A. I am a Multicultural counsellor and DV specialist Counsellor at Diamond Women, Norwest, qualified with double Masters in Counselling and Psychotherapy and certification in Domestic violence.

Q. What made you choose this work?

A. I am passionate about helping people and empowering them.  The impact of just being there and the power of listening has drawn me to counselling.

Q. What makes Diamond Women special to you?

A. Being a Women and a mother, I could understand the plights of women during pregnancy and the opportunity to support, educate and help them.  I am  blessed and privilege by God to have been provided this opportunity at Diamond Women. This makes Diamond Women so special to me.

Finish these sentences...

My coffee order is... a Flat White Frappuccino with no sugar.

What is something I would never guess about you... my knowledge, skills and strength.

My favourite way to spend down time is to... listen to music, play games and chat with friends.

If I could have just one wish, I would wish for... never-ending happiness for my daughter

Interview by Nicole Oddy for Diamond Women

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