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Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be scary, but you don’t have to walk this journey alone. We can help.

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Time and intense pressure creates a gem of beauty, strength and worth: a Diamond.

A Diamond’s worth does not change in value due to her circumstance or environment. We started Diamond Women in 2006 with a heart to meet women that feel pressured or isolated in an unplanned pregnancy. Facing the prospect of parenting without support. Not knowing their options. Just knowing how hard it is to make a decision facing an unplanned pregnancy, we wanted women to know that there is support out there, that they do have options and that they can be confident in whatever challenge may come their way.

Our organisation has continued to flourish with our numbers doubling every year. We offer the highest form of support, professionally and personally, with all our services seeking to relieve women of the anxiety unplanned pregnancy can cause by meeting both their immediate and long-term needs.  Our areas of service concentrate on the perinatal period as we seek to reduce the prominent incidence of mental health disorders during this stage of life. We are proud to offer a variety of services covering information on options, pregnancy support, counselling, advocacy, material assistance, referrals, our unique mentorship program and parenting programs.

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The values we share.

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We pride ourselves on our excellence in client-centered services. We are committed delivering a confidential, non-judgmental and supportive space to all women who walk in our door.

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We truly believe no individual or story is beyond repair. All the women we support have incredible potential and we are committed to helping them through the various challenges that can occur with a unplanned pregnancy.

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We believe that education results in empowerment. All women have the right to know all their choices and deserve to be supported in making the most empowered decision for their lives.

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We know firsthand that life is a journey that will involve plenty of other people. We want to come alongside all our clients and help them build a long lasting community of like-minded women who will have a positive impact in each and every life.

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We are an inclusive organisation providing services to all individuals regardless of their background, gender, race, religion or sexual identity. We provide a best practice approach by collaborating with other specialised NGO’s and community stakeholders to deliver excellent support for anyone facing a unplanned pregnancy.

We are more than a team,
we're a family.

We love our team! They are the personification of dedication, professionalism, and kindness. Motivated and committed with a desire to see all our beautiful clients flourish in life. Our team is staffed by a broad range of qualified professionals from various backgrounds that hold our key values around listening, understanding, empowering and offering hope. We believe that every woman should be heard and empowered to make her own decisions once she is provided with the right information, support and care.

Our corporate partners.

Corporate partners

Allcott Hire has been a platinum sponsor for more than 10 years. They foot the bill for our very first counsellor, they cover our operational costs, and they have sponsored numerous galas and Golf Day events.

Karen Goderie Occupational Therapy has supported Diamond Women since 2019. They have generously sponsored multiple high tea events as they enable us to promote awareness of our services.

Sacred Heart Construction began partnering with us in 2020. They are the reason our pregnancy hotline is manned 24/7, and it's because of them that every woman who reaches out to us online has someone to speak to regardless of the time of day. They have also provided essential goods to clients escaping domestic violence.

Tucker Foundation funded our Mum2Mum program over the course of 2021/2022, providing our clients with much-needed acceptance, understanding, evidence-based research and inclusion.

Established in 2023, Vayu & Vroon is a concept-based jewellery brand that expresses stories through objects, shapes, colours and gemstones in 925 recycled Silver. Vayu & Vroon have pledged to donate 5% of all sales from their first collection towards Diamond Women.

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