Woman looking up, standing in a line with other women

Join our community of monthly donors restoring hope and empowering women facing unplanned pregnancy.

Welcome to The Village.

The Village is a passionate group of monthly givers who believe that no woman deserves to face an unplanned pregnancy alone.

People like you, giving anything they can to make sure that women can learn their options and get the support they need. Zero judgment. Zero financial barriers.

Support women facing unplanned pregnancy

When you join The Village you...

Provide a judgement-free space for women to navigate their options and support available.

Create a safe environment for women to work through the side effects of having an abortion.

Enable support and intervention services for women facing domestic violence.

Empower women to thrive independently on their journey.

This is The Village restoring hope every day.

What you can expect

Caring contributions

Your dollars hard at work. Your monthly donation makes sure no woman has to go without the support she needs.

Lives changed

Your dollars enable critical counselling, restorative care, early intervention services, referral pathways, and so much more.


We will provide you with relevant communication and a real community. Know your impact through monthly reports and quarterly stakeholder events.

You belong here.

Our community of monthly givers have joined The Village because they believe that with the right support, women make incredible choices. That with the right support these women can raise children, build families and strengthen communities. They believe it so wholeheartedly that they are part of the solution.

"The support, community and services that The Village provides to women during unplanned pregnancy is unprecedented in its mission. We connect with the way The Village is meeting such a very great need in Australia."
Luke and Lou, members since 2020
"The Village is doing what needs to be done to help mums in crisis become great mums. How can anyone not invest in that?! This is about changing the future."
Karen, member since 2018

Support women facing unplanned pregnancy

Choose an amount to give each month.

Woman looking up, standing in a line with other women

Join a passionate community of monthly givers.

Every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy deserves access to judgement-free, zero-cost support. Let's make that happen together.

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