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Workplace giving

A workplace giving program is set up by an employer and is the most tax-effective, simple and powerful way that their employees can donate to a charity directly from their salaries.

A workplace giving program is easy for employers to set up and provides many benefits for both companies and employees while supporting a great cause. Employers can also choose to match their employee’s contributions dollar for dollar.

Donations are made through the payroll department—employees don’t need to do anything once they are set up.

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Please use this letter to inform your employer about your intention to financially support Diamond Women through workplace giving.
Donations of more than $2 are deducted from an employee’s salary before it is taxed, resulting in an immediate tax saving.
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Good2Give, CAF Australia’s purpose-built online donation platform, is designed to make Workplace Giving easy for donors to connect with the charities they care about and for employers and charities to efficiently manage donations.

Good2Give makes it easy for the business community to help change the world through Workplace Giving.

Become a corporate partner.

We work closely with our Corporate Partners to develop mutually-beneficial fundraising campaigns, media, and events that have an incredible impact on women and families across Australia.

Contact us for a copy of our Corporate Partnerships package.

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Wills & bequests

Thank you for considering a gift to Diamond Women in your will, also known as a bequest. Including Diamond in your will has life-changing impacts.

Your gift will be so much more than a financial donation—it Will leave a legacy of love and make a lasting impact. It will be used with wisdom and integrity to provide compassionate care, professional support and counselling to assist women and their families facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Start your Will

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Download the booklet to learn more about wills & bequests.
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