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Support for Partners

Support for Partners

While women are often the focus of an unexpected pregnancy, we are aware that many partners or family members feel unheard or may be struggling through the shock and unknown of an unplanned pregnancy.

We do this by providing information, counselling as well as mediation services to help navigate tricky conversations allowing all parties to be heard.

Our pregnancy partner support is available at no cost. We can provide you with the support you need, including how to support your partner during pregnancy. Call our hotline or book an appointment online.

Unexpected pregnancy?
You have options.

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There is a lot of information available to you about abortion, our qualified and experienced counsellors can help make sense of it all in a judgement free appointment so you can be informed and empowered in your decision. We also offer ongoing one on one counselling regardless of the outcome.

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Adoption has changed dramatically over the years, and you now get to be in control of the entire process. With one of our counsellors, you will be informed of all that is involved along with  the support available to help make sense of it all so you can know if its the right decision for you.

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Diamond offers comprehensive support to women who choose to become mothers. Our team will partner with you through counselling, mentoring, material goods and community programs to equip you with the necessary tools for motherhood whilst also connecting with other mums within the Diamond Community.

Learn your options, and get support. All without judgement.

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