Mum 2 Mum

Welcome to our Community Connection and Confidence program, or commonly known by our Diamond Women as Mum2Mum!.

Mum2Mum is our empowering mother’s program that we run free of charge for all Diamond Women clients. Mum2Mum provides women who have faced or are facing an unplanned pregnancy the community and support they need in a safe and comfortable environment to gather and connect with like-minded mothers, mentors, health professionals, and counsellors.

It’s not just your average community health mother’s group it's far more than that. You can expect a well-resourced, professional, and relational program that empowers women for whatever stage of life they are in through education and resources that are fun, dynamic, and practical.

Mum2Mum is catered to suit all ages and backgrounds, with a holistic approach to ensure our education covers a variety of life skills and information including: self-care, parenting, how to manage finances, health & nutrition, planning for the future employment skills, and relationship development.

We want to increase awareness and normalise mental health discussions in our everyday lives plus improve personal and parenting confidence by resourcing women with the skills and resources needed to navigate the challenges life brings. We do all this in community, learning from one another and connecting with another in a way that facilitates healthy and supportive friendships.

Get connected, get supported.

So what can you expect when you attend a Mum 2 Mum monthly event?

•    A familiar face with a warm welcome from our Diamond mentors, counsellors and team.

•    A safe environment that is welcoming to you and all little ones with age-appropriate play and activities to keep them busy with experienced sitters to help you relax and enjoy the session.

•    To learn from the best. Meet professionals in the field who will share their experience and knowledge with you to empower you to reach your goals and feel confident as a mum.

•    A little bit of pampering! We will supply morning tea along with a little gift bag for you to take home each event. Why? Because you deserve to be treated!

•    Friendship and connection. Come and meet like-minded women who are also on a similar journey to you. Build long-lasting friendships that will journey alongside you.

Want to find out more? We would love to chat.

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If you would like to donate to our Mum 2 Mum program or find out ways you can be involved, please contact us on 02 889555173 or email us at

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