Mum 2 Mum

Mum2Mum is our empowering mother’s program that we run online every month, and in-person twice a year—completely free of charge. 

Mum2Mum provides women who have faced or are facing an unplanned pregnancy the community and support they need to gather and connect with like-minded mothers, mentors, health professionals, and counsellors.

Each month we host Mum2Mum online via Zoom. Every second month we delve into our BRIGHT PROGRAM and explore mental health and identity-related topics. The in-between months involve guest speakers who are experts in their field to speak on an array of relevant topics such as post-partum nutrition, budgeting, early childhood learning and development and so much more.

Our team of mentors are spread across New South Wales and even as far as Queensland.


"During isolation M2M actually helped me because I was alone and had no one. Then because of Diamond I had the program and it really gave me something to look forward to. It also gave me something to get ready for/dress up for with the lockdown going on, so thank you Diamond Women for that."

"I was pregnant and a single mum in lockdown, doing it on my own, and as much as I guess I wasn't able to see people because I was pregnant and my mum hadn't got here yet, having the sessions with Ally, coming to Mum2Mum, getting contacted and checked on made an isolating time not feel so isolated. I am really thankful for that and am thankful for my little boy who is everything I could've asked for."

"I wanted to thank you guys. I literally stayed sane because I had a session with Ally, a catch up with you guys at Mum2Mum, and then I got a mentor as well—it occupied my entire pandemic and so I wasn't lonely. I got to escape and feel like a normal mum for a minute (during COVID) and it allowed me to forget about the craziness in the world."

"We have been in Diamond for two years. The Christmas party was always our favourite thing about Diamond. But despite that, my daughter has really enjoyed M2M even online—it always works. I always think my journey is ending with Diamond until something else happens and I end up back here and every Mum2Mum makes us feel home. It is our home away from home. It's funny because Baylee (my daughter) thinks Diamond is a church (because it's near our church) and she says, 'Are we going to the Diamond church?' And I say, 'Well it's like a church—it has a lovely community about it.' We are so glad to have found you guys, and all the different women come around us has been remarkable."

"I am thankful for Diamond and the consistency of everything. I feel like this year there has been so many changes and things stopping, hearing everything closing down and stopping. I love how Diamond has just been consistent through all of that and it has been an ongoing support. Even this year when we can't meet together but you're still making a way by having a Zoom meeting—I really appreciate you guys."


If you would like to donate to our Mum2Mum program or find out ways you can be involved, please contact us on 02 889555173 or email us at

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