COVID: to Mask or Not to Mask

We understand that you have a lot to deal with when you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy. The fear that comes with the unknown – do you know if you’re ready or if you’ll cope with the new baby? Will your body bounce back like you want it to? Will it impact your life and your relationships in a way that you can cope with?

There’s going to be a lot for you to deal with; we hear you.

Coronavirus means that it is a difficult time to have health questions. There has been a lot of confusing information in the media, about how important health and hygiene steps are to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and when you’re pregnant, it’s just another thing to worry about at the moment.

So let’s try and put your mind at ease at this confusing time and answer some questions about coronavirus and pregnancy for you.

Should I wear a mask?

If you live in Victoria, the answer is yes as it’s compulsory. Other capital cities and states are making some movements towards more widespread face mask wearing rules, but they aren’t compulsory anywhere outside of Melbourne and Victoria just yet.

Since they have a better than average success rate at preventing the virus being spread, wearing a mask is a good idea.

Am I more likely to get coronavirus while I’m pregnant?

There's no evidence that pregnant women are more likely of becoming infected with coronavirus.

But you should still take precautions such as:

·       stay at home as much as you can

·       wash your hands

·       stay at least 1.5 metres away from anyone you don’t live with

·       wear a face mask when in public

·       cough or sneeze into your arm, not your hands

·       be careful, and keep in mind others may be carrying the virus.

What if I do get coronavirus? Will my baby be at risk?

Research shows that in almost every case where a pregnant woman or new mum has caught coronavirus, if they pass it on to their baby, those babies have recovered very well. Keep in mind, though, that you don’t want to catch it, as you may pass it on to someone else who won’t recover as easily.

So, just to be on the safe side: wear a mask. They’re not going to do you any harm, and are an effective way to prevent the disease spreading.

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