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Having Someone to Talk to

Having someone to talk to and confide in is important. If there is a partner to share the load emotionally and physically...

Published on
8 Apr
Sandra called our service after hearing about Diamond through her sister.
Sandra was pregnant and worried about the fact that she had conceived a child outside of marriage. Her religious views made her feel as though she was in the wrong and there was no way out. Both termination and parenting were choices she would have to be judged for, for the rest of her life.
The reality is, people’s opinions do not have to determine your life. We rarely go into relationships with people knowing that they won’t work out. But we all learn at some point that what we plan and hope for doesn’t always turn out the way we’d like it to.
Sandra shared the particulars of how she had fallen pregnant, and how having 3 children already was causing her anxiety about the emotional and financial impact of a third child.

Expectations vs. Reality

Often potential hardships of having a baby seem to outweigh the benefits and joys that come with becoming a mother, be it for the first or fifth time. And it’s a lack of insight as to how to properly manage your home situation, your finances and your emotional wellbeing that leads many women to make the decision to terminate a pregnancy having not fully explored the options that would be available to them should they choose to have the baby.

Having someone to talk to and confide in is important. If there is a partner to share the load emotionally and physically this can be helpful when making such a big decision. In the absence of a partner, you may need to turn to family and/or friends – your parents, siblings or other relatives. But what is this just isn’t an option. Diamond Women is here for you.

There was a time that the whole village would aid in the raising of a child, but this doesn’t always apply as easily in the modern world today. You shouldn’t feel obligated to ‘do it all’ or ‘have it all’, because that’s a big, uphill climb, even when you don’t have a baby.

With the proper advice and guidance, Sandra realised that her shame and crisis was due to the opinions of others and not her own. Eventually, Sandra decided to choose her own path in life, to be a parent, despite what everyone else chose for her.

Life can be tough and trying, and this is something that everyone experiences in one form or another. But with someone to talk to, we have learned from experience that close to anything is possible. Good, solid financial advice, as well as becoming aware of the huge amount of support that’s out there in the community can make a world of difference to your life if you make the decision to go ahead with your pregnancy.

Sandra has since welcomed a new baby boy to her family and continues to turn to Diamond for a safe place in which to confide. Diamond’s role in her life is to empower, comfort and support her through her journey.

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