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Practical Ways to Really Help New Mums

Published on
10 May

Practical Ways to Really Help New Mums.

Bringing a newborn into the world can be a beautiful mix of wonder, fatigue, adrenalin and experiencing a full suite of emotions – and that’s all in the first few days.

We’ve put together a list of practical ways to really help the new mums in your world. After all, it takes a village!

1.    Create a meal roster

Gather family and friends and create a meal roster for the new parents! There are so many ways to do this, but Meal Train takes it to the next level.  Enter food preferences, allergies, see what everyone is cooking (nobody wants five tuna bakes in a row) and note mum’s ideal delivery time.

Want to make it even more helpful for mum? 

- Deliver the food in containers you’re happy to never see again. Saves mum the arduous task of matching Aunt Betty’s favourite Tupperware to its lid.

- Consider mum’s needs when dropping off dinner. Send a text in advance to say, ‘On my way. I’m dropping dinner off. Are you happy for me to leave at the door?’

This alleviates the pressure of mum needing to entertain every person that drops off a meal, or even get dressed. If she’s craving company, it leaves room for her to invite you in. 

2.    Household chores

Hang up a load of washing, vacuum, wash dishes. One small task can make all the difference. But check with mum first. Perhaps she wants the independence of walking to the washing line herself, and is happy for you to hold baby instead.

There’s no hard and fast rules – open communication is key!

3.    Bring pre-cut snacks

The struggle is real! For those times a mum is nap-trapped or absolutely ravenous whilst breastfeeding or settling baby to sleep, having some healthy snacks that are pre-cut and ready to eat is a great gift. Think fruit and veggie sticks, savoury slices, mini quiches, muffins – even some pre-made breakfast smoothies.

4.    Run errands

Offer to run some practical errands on mum’s behalf: groceries, chemist, post office, coffee run! Is mum craving to get out of the house? Offer to accompany her to some errands and be a spare pair of hands to help with baby or heavy lifting!

5.    Hold baby while she...

Washes her hair. Eats. Sleeps. Whatever it may be, offer to help! Of course, be mindful of what mum needs and only do this if she is comfortable with people holding baby in her absence.

6.    Give mum time with her other children

Or... give the other children your time! One of the hardest adjustments as a mum is not being able to give your toddler the same attention as your new born babe. It can be such a gift to a new mum that you would hold baby while she snuggles and reassures her other children that she is still there for them. Likewise, other children may benefit from your attention. Come prepared with age-appropriate games or toys for the other children!

7.    Listen without giving uninvited advice

There's a time and place for advice, but sometimes in the whirlwind of baby brain and sleep fog, a mum just needs to be heard. She’s not necessarily after advice – and in fact – this can sometimes be overwhelming to hear in the midst of adjusting to a new baby.

Listen to her experiences, feelings, emotions. Validate her experience. Encourage her on the great job she is doing. And if she asks for advice, share with love and without judgement. Remember, every baby and mum is different.

8.    Be her biggest cheerleader

Send encouraging text messages. Remind her of WHO she is. Ask her to tell you her favourite moment of the week. Celebrate the small wins together.

A kind word can change her day. Being believed in and consistently encouraged can change her world!

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