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How to Support Your Partner Facing an Unplanned Pregnancy

Finding out about an unplanned pregnancy can be a shock. But what about you, as the partner? What can you do to support someone facing an unexpected pregnancy?

Published on
24 Jan

We understand that finding out about an unplanned pregnancy can be one of the hardest things that any couple, in any life situation, can experience.

No matter what the circumstances are, it can be a monumental shock. It can bring about a wide range of emotions for couples: fear about money or living conditions, a rocky relationship, other family issues or just the overwhelming feeling that you’re not ready for this. We’ve seen it all and no situation is too big or small for Diamond Women to offer some guidance.

But what about you, as the partner? What can you do to support her during this time?

Here are a few handy points to get you started.

Seek help and guidance straight away.

No matter what your heart tells you is the right option, don’t wait in seeking help. Pregnancy is a time sensitive concern and the more time you have, the better off you will both be. You can start with your trusted GP, and/or you can also speak to us in full confidentiality. No matter how many weeks along she is, so we can provide clarity, resources and support. You are not alone!

Don’t vanish.

No one likes to hear, “Leave me alone! I can do this by myself! Just go away!” Dismissal is real and heartbreaking. As hard as it can be sometimes, never cut yourself off completely and assume she’s better off without you. Some weeks will be better than others. Keep the lines of communication open. 

Termination change of heart/anxiety is perfectly natural, and she might be feeling it too.

Sadly, too many men privately admit that they regret their choice not to say something prior to an abortion. Diamond Women cares about men’s mental health too! If you are having any doubts or are confused about the procedure, be brave and speak up. “Why bother? Isn’t it her choice?” Yes, but lot of women look to their partners first, and until the very last second, before committing to an abortion. So, there might be room for an honest discussion. If you don’t even know how to start this conversation, you’re certainly not alone. Please reach out

Know that her body is already changing.

No matter what option you chose, natural and healthy pregnancy hormones can start hitting women’s bloodstream up to six days before she even knows her period is late, making this a very tricky time to navigate for all involved. This might require a little extra patience, calmness and understanding. 

Newsflash: it’s okay to be happy about it—if you’re happy!

The initial fear around a pregnancy can go away with solid counselling sessions, talking with other parents who were in the same boat, and getting a good support network. So, if you’re happy about welcoming a new member of the family… it might be good to say that, even if she is nervous! It might be the positive reinforcement she’s looking for and the confidence boost that she needs to hear.

Call in the support army.

No one should feel alone, no matter what you choose to do. Everyone needs love, understanding and support. While it can often feel daunting to get other people involved in your private business, having a community who you know and care about you kept in the loop and can make situations a lot easier. From needing transport, to finding places to stay, money issues or just a shoulder to lean on, never discount the power of support. 

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