Diamond Women

Real Stories

Read the stories of 4 of our Diamond Women, Kylie, Donna, Diana and Brenda, and their journey with us.

Published on
16 Jul

Kylie’s Story

Kylie was raised by her foster mother whom passed away when she was six months pregnant. She was left heartbroken and homeless with no other family or friends for support. Diamond helped her to lock in permanent housing, supplied baby goods and worked with her when her baby was born premature. Diamond’s staff supported her at the hospital, advocating for her and offering grief and loss counseling.

From Kylie: “Thank you for your support through this. x.”

Donna's Story

Having had three children, Donna felt foolish being an ‘older’ mum. Strongly determined to terminate her fourth pregnancy and get on with looking after the children she already had, she was encouraged by a friend to seek counselling at Diamond and decided to keep the baby.

From Donna: “Thanks Maria and Diamond, after speaking with you today I am feeling more at peace and maybe a little excited about this baby.” “I’m feeling the best I have since the beginning when we met. Thank you for helping me get my head around a 4th child.”

Diana's Story

Diana came to us an international student, escaping domestic violence afraid of her future in a foreign country with a child. To add to the complications, her newborn baby had medical complications. Diana approached Diamond desperate for support and care and are working with a housing provider as well as supporting her with ongoing counseling, baby goods and helping her integrate into the community.

From Diana: “Oh my goodness… I am speechless and in tears of joy. These gifts are unbelievably huge and the beautiful clothes. I have never seen these adorable baby clothes in my life. I am so grateful to you for this surprise. Thank you so much for the love and support, my daughter and I are so grateful. I wonder what we would have done without the support from you and your organization… May the good Lord replenish (in a billion fold) each pocket that has contributed. Maria you are so kind and generous”

Brenda's Story

Brenda was raised in a great family, was active in church, and came to us after she was assaulted. She was sure that abortion was the only option she had and felt lonely and isolated after her church shunned her and all her peers advised her to abort. After speaking to a counsellor at Diamond and finding out that there were other options and hope, she decided to keep the baby. She is reveling motherhood and Diamond continues to provide intense counseling and support.

From Brenda: “When I found out I was pregnant everyone in my world was devastated and shocked, you were the first person, after I told you that I was going to keep it, that got super excited about my baby. Thank you.”

*Names have been changed to protect identity.

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