Diamond Women

The Story Behind The Name

Over the years people have always asked me, but why Diamond? Why not Hope or Love or Care? Read the article to find out why.

Published on
16 Feb
Jennifer Gurry
Founder & CEO

Over the years people have often asked me, "But why Diamond? Why not 'Hope' or 'Love' or 'Care'?" And while you might have to dig deeper to understand the meaning behind Diamond—the formation of a diamond perfectly explains why we do what we do.  

I was chatting to a friend about the type of centre that I saw women coming to: a place where they could find hope. A place where they could share some of the darkness pressing in on them. She suggested 'Diamond'  and then went on to explain how a diamond begins life as coal that is stuck in the ground, in darkness for a period of time under deep pressure until intense pressure creates a bond of crystals that form a diamond—but only in the hands of the master craftsman is its true beauty revealed.  

When the world describes an unplanned pregnancy, they pair it with words like 'crisis', 'despair' and 'hopelessness.' But what I had learnt was that in reality, women are fierce when put under pressure. With the right support available, they can actually grow and flourish into the beauty of their true identity.

Our women are our diamonds. So naturally, the name fit. Our mission will always be to restore dignity to our clients and remind them of their worth.  

And it's not just our mission. It's the mission of our entire Village. Diamond has been a village to more than 1700 women over the past 16 years.  

The Village is a community of people who are willing to donate not just once, but who have committed to supporting local Australian women month after month. People like you, giving whatever they can to make sure that women can learn their options and get the support they need. Zero judgment. Zero financial barriers.

Choose the amount that's best for you and join us. Together, we can be her village.

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